Rummy Q Rules and strategy - download the online Rummy software and learn more.

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The Rummy Q rules are very easy to master, especially if you are familiarized with the Rummy game of Rummikub. Rummy Q is actually a smaller and faster version of the Rummikub game and the Rummy Q rules are very similar to those of Rummikub. In this online Rummy game you no longer play with cards but with small tiles. In the Rummy Q game you do not have different suits on the tiles, but different colours: Red, yellow, blue and black. When you play Rummy Q your objective is similar to other familiar online Rummy games: Meld all your tiles into Sets and Runs. According to the Rummy Q rules, a Set is composed by tiles of the same value but of different colours, and a Run is actually a sequence of tiles of the same colour. If you strive for Rummy Q success all you have to do is pick up the tiles that will complete your Rummy melds and discarding those who will not, whilst blocking the progress of your opponent.