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The game of Crazy Rummy resembles the traditional Rummy game with a twist: The card pack is pretty different. According to the rules for Crazy Rummy, this Rummy game is played with a deck of 52 cards including the Rummy jokers, only that on the bottom part of each card you will find another card. This is the essence of Crazy Rummy. The rules for Crazy Rummy state that a valid Crazy Rummy card, for example the 6 of Hearts will have the 3 of Clubs on the bottom. This Rummy game begins with each player getting his 10 cards. The rules for Crazy Rummy state that at this point you may lay your initial Runs or Sets. Your Crazy Rummy melds will be evaluated according to the value of both of the cards that appear on the same card. Test your skills playing Crazy Rummy and turn your world upside down.