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Once you download the advanced online Rummy software you are free to choose whether you wish to play Gin Rummy against the Computer or against thousands of players from around the world. Playing Gin Rummy against the Computer is the best option for those who are only in the beginning of their game. Simply choose your Rummy game level, and the advanced software will adjust itself. Once you have managed to improve your online Gin Rummy level, you will find that playing Gin Rummy against the computer is fun, but playing against players from all around the world is much more entertaining and rewarding. So stop playing Gin Rummy against the Computer and join thousands of Gin players in exciting tournaments and real money online Gin Rummy tables. This will truly make you feel the thrill of Rummy, especially if your new and improved skills you have acquired playing Gin Rummy against the Computer will allow you to beat players at their own game.